Sun Nov 12, 2006 9:15pm (XFF:

It really does seem like the ones from when I was there are not here. What could have happened? I guess alot of us got caught up in life and just never thought of looking into the past till now. I myself have wondered a little bit every week since I was there what happened to "boys". When I was there it seemed like us Bridwell boys were against everyone or everyone was against us. Where is Preston, Billy, Jack, Scott, Frank, Lucy, Katie, Renae, Melissa, and who could forget the counselors, Steve, Roger, and the lifeguards Janna and Lance and music teacher Allison and Caseworker Gary and Rhonda...Well the list could go on and on..If you guys read this, get in touch with me.

  • Re: Missing a Huge PortionAnonymous, Thu May 5 12:05pm
    I graduated in '85, and we only had about 15 kids. I was there summer 83-may 85, and those 3 classes 84,85 and 86 are definitely the least represented here. A lot of us were, for lack of a better... more
    • Missing — Jeff Keese (Bridwell) 86-87, Sun Nov 12 9:15pm
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