Re: Any teens in here>?
Wed Jan 10, 2007 2:15pm (XFF:

Funny there used to be a home parent named Charles Davis. He split his days between Cora Lee and some other guys unit, don't remember which.

  • Any teens in here>?Charles Davis 1990something, Thu Oct 19 11:22pm
    Every body seems to be old school, Not me
    • Re: Any teens in here>?Mazell(Hawkins)Stafford'45-'55, Sun Nov 20 2:20pm
      Hey Charles, it doesn't matter if you are one of the younger ones or one of the older ones, all homers/orphans are welcome. I am one of the older ones, although some are older than me. Things were... more
    • Re: Any teens in here>? — Anonymous, Wed Jan 10 2:15pm
    • Re: Any teens in here>?Jennie Barnett-Owen 89-91, Fri Oct 20 10:21pm
      Hey there. We aren't old....we are the youth of old age. HAHA
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