Re: ~99-02 GHOSTS 99-02~
Wed Jan 10, 2007 2:20pm (XFF:

So, was Fondren a guys home unit in the late 90's? When we lived there it was where we stayed while they evaluated us to see what home unit we would go to. Wonder why they kept changing up the houses, and what their purposes were.

  • Re: ~99-02 GHOSTS 99-02~Anonymous, Tue Oct 24 3:32pm
    Kaleb Bishrat was a very special person and I think about him alot. He was the first person to be nice to me when I first arrived at MCH. His death was very hard on all the seniors of Dorothy- they... more
    • Kaleb88-89, Fri Jun 18 8:18am
      What happened to Kaleb?
      • Kaleb BishratDavid '88-'89, Wed Jun 23 12:01pm
        I was in the same homeunit ith Kaleb. He was a couple years younger than me and we were friends. I have read that he passed away. Can anyone tell me what happened?
    • Re: ~99-02 GHOSTS 99-02~ — Anonymous, Wed Jan 10 2:20pm
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