Dawn (Robinson) Bennett
I've been wanting to go.
Fri Oct 10, 2008 1:58pm (XFF:

I might actually make it this year to the reunion. I have an 8 month old boy. I remember some of the staff, remember we used to call Mark the "Gripper". I was only in GC a couple of times. I was there for five years too, man they moved me into almost every home unit they had. So many faces and names, I think I've kept up with my memory of my fair share. I hope life is treating you well, lemme know what else is going on with you.

  • GCVeronica Salazar 89-94, Mon Oct 6 8:55am
    I can I forget GC, I lived at the home for nearly 5 years and spent most of my time at GC. I remember some of the staff, Rhonda, Mrs Courtney, Rhett, and the teachers, Mrs Williams, Mrs Downs, Mark I ... more
    • I've been wanting to go. — Dawn (Robinson) Bennett, Fri Oct 10 1:58pm
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