It is me, Michael!!!!
Fri Apr 19, 2013 12:39pm

I still remember you Dawn and Veronica Salazar. I'm an Austin dude. How have yall been?

  • Dawn?Veronica Salazar 89-94, Sun Sep 28 1:23am
    Is this the Dawn I lived with at Prothro who always wore black and listened to the Cure all the time? I was the one who was madly in love with Michael Solis and you were really good friends of his
    • It is me, Michael!!!! — Michael Solis, Fri Apr 19 12:39pm
    • You just described half the girls in the home at the time...Dawn (Robinson) Bennett, Sat Oct 4 10:52pm
      But I remember you, I lived with your sister in Doss, and I don't mean to embarass you but we were suspended once at the same time, you had cut your hair or something. Oh yeah, and we were in GC... more
      • OMGChanda Clark (CC) 89-92, Sun Jul 20 12:21pm
        Dawn I remember the pencils in Perkins. And I remember being in GC together. I also remember getting into an arugument with you and saying that when the color of your eye starts to moved bad things... more
        • IndependentKimberly Fuller 91-92, Mon Aug 25 12:14am
          I remember you. We were in Independent together I think. Didn't you work at Pizza Hut? One weekend almost everyone got busted drinking. I was out of town that weekend.
      • so many memorieschance pearson, Wed Apr 10 7:39am
        Hey dawn this is chancey. Man I'm so glade that I stumbled on this web page. Just reading all of the other homers found memories of what it was like for them at that time.We were all kids trying to... more
        • ReunionDawn Robinson 91-95, Mon May 20 7:47am
          They have one every year at Easter just like they did when we were there.
        • Re: so many memoriesMazell(Hawkins)Stafford, Thu Apr 11 10:54am
          Chance, you just missed it. We have one every year at Easter week-end & boy is it neat to be able to visit with old friends & all the activities we do then. Headquarters are usually at the Hilton but ... more
        • ReunionMaryAnn Blake 87-94', Thu Apr 11 5:41am
          Chance, Every year MCH has Homecomming the weekend of Easter. It is a time many meet back in Waco share stories, tour the units and as always host the annual softball game.
      • ProthoVeronica Salazar 89-94, Mon Oct 6 9:04am
        Did you live in the same homeunit as I, when Sarah Morgan, Brandy Pearson and I sneaked out the house in the middle of the night to go to the gym to meet up with Joe Gonzalez, Chancy Pearson and John ... more
        • I was never one to sneak out...Dawn (Robinson) Bennett, Fri Oct 10 2:08pm
          I snuck out a couple of times, but that wasn't one of them. I always did stupid st when I snuck out, I never did meet up with a guy when I did. I heard about a lot of it though.
        • Re: ProthoClara Frank, Tue Oct 7 5:17pm
          I wasnt there the years you were mine was in 67 to 69 I hope you the best in years to come. My life is grand I have 2 boys and 1 daughter they are all grown and I also have 7 soon to be 8 grand... more
        • Re: ProthoAnonymous, Tue Oct 7 5:15pm
          I wasnt there the years you were mine was in 67 to 69 I hope you the best in years to come. My life is grand I have 2 boys and 1 daughter they are all grown and I also have 7 soon to be 8 grand... more
      • GCVeronica Salazar 89-94, Mon Oct 6 8:55am
        I can I forget GC, I lived at the home for nearly 5 years and spent most of my time at GC. I remember some of the staff, Rhonda, Mrs Courtney, Rhett, and the teachers, Mrs Williams, Mrs Downs, Mark I ... more
        • I've been wanting to go.Dawn (Robinson) Bennett, Fri Oct 10 1:58pm
          I might actually make it this year to the reunion. I have an 8 month old boy. I remember some of the staff, remember we used to call Mark the "Gripper". I was only in GC a couple of times. I was... more
    • Dawn FergusonDamon Ragan 88-90, Mon Sep 29 4:18pm
      Please let me know if someone gets in touch with Dawn F. I would love catch up on old times....I lived at Williams for awhile and then at Bridwell...and had the biggest crush on Dawn...she knew... more
      • DawnAmy "Warner"Ellis 85-89, Tue Sep 30 7:20am
        Im not to sure of her link but I know she has a myspace Page like alot of may try there to find her
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