our generation
Thu Jul 10, 2014 7:59am

I remember you. I don't know if you will remember me by name. I just recently found this website. How have you been? Are you in touch with anyone else from our time? I would love to reconnect with old friends. Crow said I would regret leaving and I like to say I have no regrets, but to be honest it was the best time of my life. I really miss alot of people. You included. Get in touch please.

  • Missing a Huge PortionScott McKee 88-92, Fri Apr 15 8:31am
    You are right Kristina, everyone here has pulled together and found people from their generations of a few years ago. We are missing a huge portion of our generation. Namely the mid to late 80's on... more
    • our generation — kimberly fuller 91-92, Thu Jul 10 7:59am
    • Re: Missing a Huge PortionAnonymous, Fri May 6 6:21am
      I thought Daisy and Harry had the cool people.
      • Re: Missing a Huge PortionAnonymous, Fri May 6 7:55am
        When I was there the kids at Daisy and Harry were in Middle School. So maybe they were the cool kids of the Jr. High gang!! :)
        • Jr high?Kristina Keeling 99-02, Tue Oct 25 9:48pm
          It wasnt middle school kids when i was there! I was the oldest in the unit...i was there till i was 17 then they moved me to Perkins. But yea the "cool gurlz" were in harry merideth lol
    • Re: Missing a Huge PortionAnonymous, Thu May 5 12:05pm
      I graduated in '85, and we only had about 15 kids. I was there summer 83-may 85, and those 3 classes 84,85 and 86 are definitely the least represented here. A lot of us were, for lack of a better... more
      • MissingJeff Keese (Bridwell) 86-87, Sun Nov 12 9:15pm
        It really does seem like the ones from when I was there are not here. What could have happened? I guess alot of us got caught up in life and just never thought of looking into the past till now. I... more
    • Be Patient, They Will Come.....Homers that is.Chris Davis '86-'90, Fri Apr 15 9:39am
      It sometimes takes a while before you realize that a certain part of your life will not go away. It took me fifteen years to realize that. I had no idea that there was such a place on the internet... more
      • I wish i could go backAmy Warner Gunn 85-89, Thu Jun 29 2:51am
        It took me a long time to find this site on the internet actually i didnt know there was such a site.Me and Scott found each other on classmates and he told me about this site.Wow i am glad he did.So ... more
        • Re: I wish i could go backShirley Couch 87-89, Fri Nov 18 9:57am
          I love you Amy and I have missed you terribly!
          • Shirley CouchAmy Warner Ellis, Sat Nov 19 1:26am
            Wow Shirley did you notice I posted that message in June of 2006? Told you I been looking for you forever..lol
          • Shirley CouchAmy Warner Ellis, Sat Nov 19 1:21am
            Shirley I love you too and I can not wait to talk to you and catch up OMG I have been thinking about you all these years and I have searched for you like the past 5 or 6 years. Yay I am so glad you... more
        • Shirley CouchJennie Barnett-Owen 89-91, Sat Oct 21 1:11am
          Hi there Amy. I may be able to help. Have you located Shirley yet? She went to school with me in Denison, TX. for a while. I will call a few friends that are on the City Council who went to school... more
          • Shirley CouchAnonymous, Sun Oct 22 7:37pm
            • Re: Shirley CouchJennie Barnett-Owen 89-91, Sun Oct 22 8:28pm
              I'll get right on it. I should have some luck by Friday.
              • Shirley CouchAnonymous, Thu Oct 26 7:39pm
                Hey Jennie did ya have any luck?
      • kdixie77486@aol.comKaren Spence, Mon Apr 25 12:08am
        The 80s did rule and always will, from parachute pants, break-dancing, to loud colors and Van Halen (when david was still lead). This era will always hold a special place in my heart and "The Home"... more
        • 80's ruleRay Gray, Wed Oct 18 12:44am
          Hey did you know Brandi Story? If so have you heard from her? I was in Cora Lee until they moved us boys up to Bridwell or Birdwell.
          • Re: 80's rule1981 to 1988, Thu Oct 19 8:29am
            I knew Brandy Story. I haven't heard anything from her since she left the Home, so sorry. Good Luck!
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