Re: Umm...
Sat Jul 12, 2014 1:02pm

Scott I just spoke to my uncle billy & he said that
Wayan heard was one of his best friends..Billy wants
U to friend request him on Facebook.

Remember u have to look him up under William attaway

  • Re: Umm...Scott Wilson 1973- 1977, Sat Jul 12 12:26pm
    Me, a guy named Wayne Heard used to run around with Joe or maybe it was Billy??? So long ago, remembering people and things that I haven't in years lol.
    • Re: Umm... — 1972-1974, Sat Jul 12 1:02pm
    • Re: Umm...1972-1974, Sat Jul 12 12:47pm
      He said wayan heard sounds familiar. Do U have a Facebook? Both of my uncles Or on face book.. Eddie attaway & billy attaway. Billy goes by William attaway on Facebook .
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