Scott Wilson 1973- 1977
How have thing's changed?
Fri Aug 15, 2014 12:36pm

I now live in Beaumont, does anyone know of a way to see how things have changed physically at the home, something like maybe even photo's? Like this is the way it was and this is the way it is now. Is the "old school building" still there in the front by the admin building? Is there still a malt shop in the student center? And lastly, there was a man and wife that worked at the home named Harrington, he was over the division that had Williams when I was there and his wife taught oil painting. Thanks and have a great one.

    • Re: How have thing's changed?Jane Johnson, Case Worker, 1973-1988, Sun Nov 30 11:15pm
      Scott, Jes and Margie Harrington were the staff you mentioned. Mrs. Harrington died in 1/2012. He left Methodist Home in 1987, and he died in 9/2007. The old school building was torn down years ago.... more
      • Re: How have thing's changed?Maxell(Hawkins) Stafford, Tue Dec 2 8:08pm
        Way back in the 40s & 50s, the school b ldg housed boys and girls clothing rooms, music practice rooms, Mr. Johnsons office,& the main secretarial pool on the upper floor. Oh the cosmetology room eas ... more
        • the Old School Bldg.Scott Wilson- '73-'77, Fri Dec 5 8:25am
          That was interesting. Thank you very much for the post. Have a great holiday.
      • HarringtonsJim Soukup 69-76, Tue Dec 2 2:55am
        Visited Margie@the West Rest Haven a month before she passed on. Jess and Margie are both buried at Bold Springs cemetery just west of West. She passioned art work.
        • HarringtonsScott Wilson- '73-'77, Sun Dec 7 7:40am
          They both were amazing people that were able to touch the lives of many. Thanks for the post Jim, I hope that you and your family have a safe and enjoyable holiday.
        • HarringtonsJane Johnson, Caseworker, 1973-1988,, Tue Dec 2 10:40pm
          I'm sure she was thrilled to see you, after all the years she and Jes spent at the Home. It was so kind of you to visit her in her final days!
      • oh yeah...Scott Wilson- '73-'77, Mon Dec 1 10:39am
        I just remember when the Sunshine magazine was monthly, I was a photographer for it, and they also had a "photo club" that meet on Saturday's behind the barber shop/ security shack on the side of the ... more
        • Sunshine MagazineJane Johnson, Caseworker, 1973-1988,, Mon Dec 1 10:14pm
          There used to be, and probably still are, many old Sunshine Magazines at Methodist Home, where you could look to see if they contain some of the photos you took. I have a few magazines, if you want... more
          • Jane Johnson Jerry McClure 1969-1975, Fri Sep 11 9:59am
            Hey Jane, Don't know if you remember me and my brother Phil early on in your career at MCH. You were our caseworker I believe. Where are you these days. Hope all is well with you.
          • Copies of 'Sunshine' picturesLaura Woodlock Milam 53-61, Tue Dec 2 3:45pm
            Jane & Scott, For the last two years at Easter Homecoming the Home has made 'Sunshines' available for anyone that wishes to go through old Sunshines(they are spread out on a long table at the Johnson ... more
            • Sunshine MagazineJane Johnson, Caseworker, 1973-1988,, Tue Dec 2 10:38pm
              Thanks for the information, Laura. I'm sure Scott can take advantage of either going to Homecoming or calling to make an appointment. If he was the photographer for a while, he may have several... more
      • wow...Scott Wilson- '73-'77, Mon Dec 1 10:33am
        First off, thanks for the reply Jane. The Harrington's were outstanding people. He had a way of cutting his eye's at you when you were close to closing the line, but in firm, warm, caring way... he... more
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