Scott Wilson- '73-'77
Sun Dec 7, 2014 7:40am

They both were amazing people that were able to touch the lives of many. Thanks for the post Jim, I hope that you and your family have a safe and enjoyable holiday.

  • HarringtonsJim Soukup 69-76, Tue Dec 2 2:55am
    Visited Margie@the West Rest Haven a month before she passed on. Jess and Margie are both buried at Bold Springs cemetery just west of West. She passioned art work.
    • Harringtons — Scott Wilson- '73-'77, Sun Dec 7 7:40am
    • HarringtonsJane Johnson, Caseworker, 1973-1988,, Tue Dec 2 10:40pm
      I'm sure she was thrilled to see you, after all the years she and Jes spent at the Home. It was so kind of you to visit her in her final days!
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