Scott Wilson '73- '77
Re: Harry Merideth & Williams Home Unit
Thu Apr 2, 2015 11:53pm

Hey Eddie, this is the second post. I remember all of the names you listed. Kenneth Rooks was autistic & yeah he did get picked on a lot, I remember him from Williams. Mr. Smelsor & his razor strap, I tried to stay out of trouble but sometime didn't alway succeed lol, just didn't get cought as much as others. Ron Castle, ummm, I think that there was a post here awhile back that he and Sammy Wicks passed away, I may be wrong though. It is kind of late here (in Beaumont) and about to hit the sack but will email you in the morning. Take care buddy and great to hear from you.

  • Harry Merideth & Williams Home UnitEddie Attaway 1971 - 1974, Thu Apr 2 7:20pm
    I am coming to the homecoming this weekend for the first time and look forward to meeting old friends / Alumni. E-mail me at if we know / you may think we know each other. Some... more
    • Re: Harry Merideth & Williams Home Unit — Scott Wilson '73- '77, Thu Apr 2 11:53pm
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