Mark Koenig 68-78
Tue May 26, 2015 6:59pm

Scott just got around to reading your post from along time ago, sorry for not getting back quicker. I was an AO in the Navy, and was qualified to do just about anything that needed to be done on the A7 or F/A18 aircraft. drove trucks for awhile after retiring, but missed being at home. Work as a forklift mechanic now. After retiring from the navy and being tired of always moving bought a house in Jacksonville, Fl. and have not moved since 94. Still wish though that I was living in TX, miss the state and all the people that I know there.

  • Hey Mark...Scott Wilson 1973- 1977, Sat Aug 16 12:45am
    Just saw your post, I am very sorry for your loss. My prayer are with you and your family. I too went into the navy, was an HM. Then went home to Houston were I was a flight paramedic for numerous... more
    • homers — Mark Koenig 68-78, Tue May 26 6:59pm
    • past /present.Bobby Parrish 1957-1972, Sun Aug 17 3:24pm
      I went in the army in aug. 1973 was in army till 1977.and then went in the navy in 1977 to 1994 when I retired, was a gunners mate in navy. I live in ga. now.
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