Laura Milam 53-61
Memory Lane
Tue Jul 3, 2018 8:07pm

Very little activity on the site. Most everyone seems to be on face book. Check it periodically to check to see if anyone has logged on. Sorry its fallen in favor with so many but face book seems to be the norm.

    • Re: Memory LaneScott Wilson- '73-'77, Wed Jul 4 12:50am
      I don't facebook and I never notice anyone reaching out there like they used to here. Where do people reach out at, there?
      • Memory LaneLaura Milam 53-61, Thu Jul 5 9:42am
        Scott, We don't do Face book either but I can understand the attraction by so many, but it seems it leaves a lot of room for intrusion of personal information. Lot of discussion in the news lately... more
        • Re: Memory LaneScott Wilson- '73-'77, Thu Jul 5 12:26pm
          Laura A fast question does my name show up when I post?? I had someone in the past say that it showed up as anonymous... Best wishes and as always, thanks. Scott
        • Re: Memory LaneScott Wilson- '73-'77, Thu Jul 5 12:18pm
          I even poked around & didn't see anywhere where people from past generations could reach out and say hi to people. Although I did discover that Williams & Birdwell have been torn down (I staid in... more
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