Laura Milam 53-61
Memory Lane
Thu Jul 5, 2018 9:42am

We don't do Face book either but I can understand the attraction by so many, but it seems it leaves a lot of room for intrusion of personal information. Lot of discussion in the news lately about it.

Blessings to you and family.

  • Re: Memory LaneScott Wilson- '73-'77, Wed Jul 4 12:50am
    I don't facebook and I never notice anyone reaching out there like they used to here. Where do people reach out at, there?
    • Memory Lane — Laura Milam 53-61, Thu Jul 5 9:42am
      • Re: Memory LaneScott Wilson- '73-'77, Thu Jul 5 12:26pm
        Laura A fast question does my name show up when I post?? I had someone in the past say that it showed up as anonymous... Best wishes and as always, thanks. Scott
      • Re: Memory LaneScott Wilson- '73-'77, Thu Jul 5 12:18pm
        I even poked around & didn't see anywhere where people from past generations could reach out and say hi to people. Although I did discover that Williams & Birdwell have been torn down (I staid in... more
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