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Bill Hall
1927 Manuals
Thu Mar 5, 2015 16:10

To Steve and others, I DO NOT have any 1927 info. I have a lot of manuals but have never come across one for my own truck. I have a contract for a 1930 Suburbanite (Hercules engine)with some spec's I will copy for you. I found that a lot of information I needed for the '27 was in a 1919 'Seagrave Motor Fire Apparatus Text Book'. It is hard to come by but was reprinted (400 books)in 1990 by Robert Marvin. The info on carbs, magnetos, etc are very similar. I can provide a set of copied pages for this book if you desire.

Everyone else, he still needs 1927 Seagrave info.

  • 1927 Seagrave ManualSteve Frady, Wed Mar 4 19:15
    That is wonderful news, Bill. Thank you! The Warren Engine Co. Suburbanite has the Continental 6. Will be glad to reiumburse you for copies and postage. Steve Frady
    • 1927 Manuals — Bill Hall, Thu Mar 5 16:10
      • Seagrave ManualSteve Frady, Wed Apr 1 16:31
        Thanks for checking, Bill. We do have access to the 1919 Seagrave reprint and will check it out. If anyone else has a source for a 1927 Suburbanite manual, we would appreciate hearing from you. Steve
        • Seagrave ManualBill Hall, Thu Apr 2 14:22
          Steve, email me your address and I will send you a copy of the 1919 manual. It does have applicable info in it. Bill
          • Seagrave ManualSteve Frady, Wed Apr 8 11:27
            Thank you, Bill. Send it to: We really appreciate your help with this. Steve
            • Seagrave ManualSteve Frady, Wed Apr 15 12:06
              Bill, Thank you for the copy of the Seagrave manual. Our mechanic is very appreciative. This will help a lot. Can I send a donation to the museum to thank you? Steve
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