Bill Hall
Seagrave Manual
Thu Apr 2, 2015 14:22

Steve, email me your address and I will send you a copy of the 1919 manual. It does have applicable info in it.


  • Seagrave ManualSteve Frady, Wed Apr 1 16:31
    Thanks for checking, Bill. We do have access to the 1919 Seagrave reprint and will check it out. If anyone else has a source for a 1927 Suburbanite manual, we would appreciate hearing from you. Steve
    • Seagrave Manual — Bill Hall, Thu Apr 2 14:22
      • Seagrave ManualSteve Frady, Wed Apr 8 11:27
        Thank you, Bill. Send it to: We really appreciate your help with this. Steve
        • Seagrave ManualSteve Frady, Wed Apr 15 12:06
          Bill, Thank you for the copy of the Seagrave manual. Our mechanic is very appreciative. This will help a lot. Can I send a donation to the museum to thank you? Steve
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