Gary Urbanowicz
Fire Grenade
Thu Oct 15, 2015 15:05

Of course there is no way of absolutely securing it against all possible movement, especially something like an earthquake. However, craft stores have styrofoam rings in various diameters that might be useful. I'll leave it to the professional curators and conservators to say whether or not the styrofoam presents a source of degradation to the object.

  • Fire GrenadeTori, Wed Oct 14 13:38
    I am from Kirkland Heritage Society in Kirkland, Wa. We have a fire grenade that is on loan from one of our board members. It is currently in a display case, but not secure. I.E. it can roll around... more
    • Fire Grenade — Gary Urbanowicz, Thu Oct 15 15:05
    • Re: Fire GrenadeDavid Lewis, Thu Oct 15 14:19
      The earliest grenade-type fire extinguishers were invented in the late 1800s were thrown at the flames. Made of clear or colored glass, these extinguishers usually have a fancy cut-glass, round... more
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