Pamela Paterson
Horse-drawn fire pumper needed for Museum exhibit
Wed Dec 16, 2015 18:57

The Nevada Museum of Art in Reno, Nevada is currently looking for a horse-drawn fire pumper to borrow for an upcoming exhibition entitled "The Horse". This pumper needs to have the following measurements:

Maximum 10 feet in length
Maximum 7 feet in width
Maximum 10 feet in height

These measurements are flexible if the pumper comes disassembled. We would prefer that this pumper is located on the west coast, to cut down our transport costs. I would appreciate any leads regarding a pumper that could borrow. I have tried the San Francisco Fire Museum, several local carriage companies, the Fire Museum of Virginia City, all to no avail. The exhibition of "The Horse" will run from March 5th - July 3rd, 2016, in Reno, Nevada.
Thank you!


    • Pamela, We’ve had this request before (when the exhibit was in Chicago, and Now in Kansas City. . . . You might contact Doug Klink with the Reliance Fire Co. Museum ( ). ... more
      • Horse-drawn fire pumper needed for Museum exhibitPamela Paterson, Thu Dec 17 11:40
        Thanks for all of this info. David. I wrote to Mr. Hubert right away and will try the LA County Fire Museum as well. I think we overruled the Colorado steamer due to transport costs though. Thanks... more
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