Josiah Wagener
Tue Jan 5, 2016 13:36

The last time I checked (about 3 years ago) the fire museum in Richmond appeared to be defunct. There were no signs of activity at their location and the phone number listed for them had been disconnected. The Hampton Historical Museum in Hampton, VA. has done a pretty nice job of creating a firefighting gallery in their museum. You might try contacting them. As Gary said the Friendship Fire Museum in Alexandria is very nice. There is also another fire museum in DC though I haven't been there yet so I couldn't say much about it. The Virginia Transportation Museum down in Roanoke has done a decent job of exhibiting a selection of fire apparatus from a transportation/vehicles standpoint.

  • Re: MuseumGary Urbanowicz, Sun Jan 3 12:51
    Have you tapped into any of the established fire museums in Virginia? Richmond is particularly good. Friendship in Alexandria is very historic but relatively small.
    • Museum — Josiah Wagener, Tue Jan 5 13:36
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