Museum Display cases
Thu Feb 11, 2016 12:07

Hello all,
I am researching museum display cases to purchase. We are looking for one to start, and then eventually another one or two. Looking for tall (72 x 48 x 18) all glass, security, lighted or unlighted. Have any of you purchased new display cases recently? Would you tell me what you bought, and how it's working out? I know there's a wide range of price and quality - and lighting is an important consideration. Help!

    • Display casesBill Hall, Fri Feb 12 01:14
      Lucy, google display cases and you will find many sources at all prices and sizes. New is pricey. If you are in or near a major city, there are companies that buy out closed department stores. This... more
      • display casesLucy Crossman, Fri Feb 12 09:36
        thanks for your reply, Bill. I have looked at so many cases online, my mind boggles sometimes. We have finally reached a point that we want to get out of our store cases, except for the gift shop,... more
        • Display CasesRandy Wootton, Sat Feb 13 00:22

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