Bill Hall
Display cases
Fri Feb 12, 2016 01:14

Lucy, google display cases and you will find many sources at all prices and sizes. New is pricey. If you are in or near a major city, there are companies that buy out closed department stores. This will be a great source of cases, stands, wall racks and hooks, mannequins, plastic sign holders, slat board, stock room ladders, pallet racking, library shelving, etc. They are labeled differently but may be under general listings like warehouse supplies, etc.

Sometimes local major museums will have a storeroom full of old display cases and equipment as they update to new exhibits with new sponsors. It is worth checking.

Other members may chime in as they see this post. Good Luck.
Bill Hall
FMN Board Member

  • Museum Display casesLucy Crossman - CT Firemen's Historical Society, Thu Feb 11 12:07
    Hello all, I am researching museum display cases to purchase. We are looking for one to start, and then eventually another one or two. Looking for tall (72 x 48 x 18) all glass, security, lighted or... more
    • Display cases — Bill Hall, Fri Feb 12 01:14
      • display casesLucy Crossman, Fri Feb 12 09:36
        thanks for your reply, Bill. I have looked at so many cases online, my mind boggles sometimes. We have finally reached a point that we want to get out of our store cases, except for the gift shop,... more
        • Display CasesRandy Wootton, Sat Feb 13 00:22

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