Robert Young
Seagrave windshilds
Thu Apr 14, 2016 11:45

We have a couple of Seagrave windshields for sale that we acquired from a city auction. We would like to gt $450 each for the windshields. There are two tags on the windshields. One says PPG (Pittsburg Plate Glass) 495675. The other, Duplicate Laminated Safety Float ASI 259 12 DOT 18 M25. (412)-434-3131. We can be reached at 757-724-0011. Thank You.

    • WindshieldsBill Hall, Fri Apr 15 11:16
      Robert, there is a large Seagrave owners audience in the U.S. I can access a good part of that audience through the various fire museums and fire truck clubs. However, more information will be needed ... more
      • Seagrave windshieldsRobert Young, Fri Apr 15 14:40
        Dear Mr. Hall, Thank you for your kind and timely reply! I plan on finding some more information on these windshields soon. It has proven to be a bit if a task to pin down the information. I will... more
        • windshieldsBill Hall, Tue Apr 19 13:10
          Measurements and photos will let prospective buyers know fairly fast if they are suitable for their needs.
          • Re: windshieldsAnonymous, Wed Apr 20 10:51
            If you let us know what cab the windshields are from that will be a great help. For example I believe only K can windshields will not fit a J cab. Cosgrove.
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