1898 American Fire Engine co. Steam engine location
Mon Jul 25, 2016 19:02

Hi all, I am the manager for Dawson City Firefighters museum and each day am learning more stories, one that has really struck my interest was the mysterious whereabouts of our first Fire steam engine- 1898 American Fire Co. Supposedly given to Alaska when retired and many years later spotted in a museum in the states, bearint the name kf Dawson City. It would be awesome if anyone had any leads! Cheers!

    • I think you may be confused about the first steam fire engine. The Clapp &Jones that you are having restored at this time is a 1897, built by the American Fire Engine Co. I am not sure you had... more
    • Steamer locationBill Hall, Thu Jul 28 00:01
      Dan, I will forward your request to the members of the Fire Museum Network, the national organization for fire museums. We have many members and friends that love, operate, and own steamers. We'll... more
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