Valerie Forrest
Fire Department History
Mon Nov 14, 2016 11:17

Hello all. I'm in the process of attempting to determine when our fire department formally became a volunteer department. I live in Louisville GA and I know that the town was incorporated in 1786 when it was elected to become the first permanent capital (third actual capital) for the state of Georgia. As the clerk of the records department for both the city hall and the fire department I'm having difficulties locating this information in our records. Do you know of any tips or resources I might can try when locating the organization date for our fd?

    • Fire Department HistoryHelen Burns, Wed Nov 16 10:02
      Valerie, When looking thru old newspapers: if you can't find any reference around the time you think it was organized, look for an anniversary celebration. 1 year, 10 years, 25 years, 50 years, etc.... more
    • FD historyAnita, Tue Nov 15 15:59
      Hi Valerie. I know Facebook isn't for everyone but it has far reaching capabilities. I'd be happy to post your request on several pages if you wish
    • Re: Fire Department HistoryFDNYhistory, Tue Nov 15 13:35
      It's ironic, because you are the source that many of would turn to for fire department histories. It's hit and miss, but newspapers can be a good resource. While working on my book about firefighter... more
    • Re: Fire Department HistoryAnonymous, Tue Nov 15 11:54
      Hi Valerie Unfortunately, there is no "secret source." When you've exhausted your obvious local sources, you might need to broaden your search. I don't know anything about Louisville, GA. Surely... more
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