Jon Christian
Fire Memories Museum
Mon Jun 19, 2017 21:04

Fire Memories Museum is currently looking for an existing 501C fire museum with a museum building interested in taking our fire collection. Please contact me regarding your museum's interest.
Jon Christian
Secretary, Fire Memories Museum
Banning CA

    • New homes for collectionsJosiah Wagener, Thu Jun 22 05:01
      The New Hampshire Historical Society located in Concord, NH. might take an interest in your little Molly Stark handtub. Abbott & Downing Co. who made that tub was located in Concord. That one is the... more
    • Collection OfferDon Forsyth, Tue Jun 20 12:10
      Jon, We at the California Fire Museum and Safety Learning Center, are a 501c3 Organization, located in Orange County, CA. We would be highly interested in taking over your Fire Memories Collection,... more
    • Museum closureGary Urbanowicz, Tue Jun 20 09:58
      I'd be interested to hear what you have.
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