Jon Christian
Fire Memories Museum
Fri Jun 23, 2017 13:15

Officers and Directors of Fire Memories Museum (FMM) have decided to seek a new home for its extensive collection of fire equipment, apparatus and memorabilia. Although FMM retains small collections at a number of locations in Southern California, and will continue to do so, the loss of both the main 9,000 sq. ft. building in Banning, CA and the satellite space that contained the Palm Desert, CA exhibits has forced this decision. The majority of the collection was housed at these two facilities and FMM has been unable to identify an acceptable local facility to house the museum. Our preference is to keep the collection together and we would like to receive expressions of interest from organizations that meet the following criteria:
1) an existing 501(c)(3) non-profit (or similar non-profit organization);
2) an active functional museum facility with an established building (either owned or under long term lease);
3) an organization with a track record of community involvement (preferably with a commitment to serving and educating youth);
4) a proven fund raising track record and current business plan; and
5) a demonstrable long term commitment from the sponsoring community.
FMM has taken many years to amass our collection and we are grateful for the outstanding support and commitment of our members, donors and volunteers. It is because of this commitment that we undertake this disposition with due diligence to assure that the contributions of these individuals are appropriately respected. Therefore, we ask that collectors or organizations that do not meet the above criteria refrain from contacting us. If, in the future, circumstances change and the collection must be separated or disbursed, FMM will make an announcement. All serious expressions of interest should be addressed to Douglas Hammer, CEO at

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