Board of Trustees/Directors
Wed Apr 4, 2018 14:55

Since most fire museums are grassroots organizations, how many have, what I might call, "sophisticated" Boards and/or have gone through aggressive Board Development activities? What I mean by all this is, who has approached Boards in the same way that either for-profit corporations or larger non-profit corporations do? There are numerous resources out there for non-profit boards - I've seen those - I would like to hear from fellow fire museum directors about their Board development initiatives. Thanks, Gary

    • BoardBill Hall, Thu Apr 5 13:41
      Gary, my board is a hold over from our initial development in 1980's. It was recommended that our board be comprised of the fire related groups in our area (Columbus, OH)to help get community... more
      • BoardFDNYhistory, Thu Apr 5 14:28
        Thanks Bill
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