Bill Hall
Thu Apr 5, 2018 13:41

Gary, my board is a hold over from our initial development in 1980's. It was recommended that our board be comprised of the fire related groups in our area (Columbus, OH)to help get community support. Of the initial 10, only 6 still exist. They faithfully attend meetings (which has a free lunch)but at this point almost our entire board needs replaced with 'doer's'. So, I guess my board, and I would guess many other FMN museum boards, are probably way past due for reorganizing.

We have had some seminar topics on this but I know it has to be an ongoing problem for many of us.

Good Luck and keep the FMN posted on your progress.

  • Board of Trustees/DirectorsFDNYhistory, Wed Apr 4 14:55
    Since most fire museums are grassroots organizations, how many have, what I might call, "sophisticated" Boards and/or have gone through aggressive Board Development activities? What I mean by all... more
    • Board — Bill Hall, Thu Apr 5 13:41
      • BoardFDNYhistory, Thu Apr 5 14:28
        Thanks Bill
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