Starting a museum
Wed Aug 1, 2018 15:23

If you act quickly I would recommend attending the Fire Museum Network Seminar in Cleveland, OH Sept 5. See/google Fire Museum Network. for details and registration.
This will put you in contact with most of the folks involved with starting and running fire museums. Special courses and plenty of networking time to talk to many folks all in one place. Cleveland just opened a few months ago so they are the newest. Cincinnati is updating theirs, as well as Indianapolis, IN.
If cannot attend on such short notice, use the same website and join this organization for future help and a resource guide with many sources of info on starting and running a Fire Museum.

Bill Hall
Fire Museum Network
President, Central Ohio Fire Museum

  • Museum Strategic PlanChris Wolf, Mon Jul 30 13:27
    We have been in the process of trying to get a fire museum for many years. I really want to move forward and know we need to put together a strategic plan. Does anyone have one they are willing to... more
    • Starting a museum — Bill Hall, Wed Aug 1 15:23
      • SeminarBill Hall, Wed Aug 1 15:24
        Seminar room rates and availability end Aug 6 I believe.
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