rich delmotte
Thu Dec 6, 2018 21:21

Thank you in advance.

  • Share your by-laws?Legeros, Fri Dec 23 22:20
    Hi all. We're revising our by-laws here at the Raleigh FD Historical Society. Does anyone have theirs they can share? We'd love to see examples of others. Thanks in advance. Ho ho ho. mjl
    • Bylaws — rich delmotte, Thu Dec 6 21:21
    • BylawsR Delmotte, Mon Nov 19 23:24
      Did you ever have any luck? We are looking to start up a museum and was wondering if you had any suggestions?
      • bylawsBill Hall, Wed Nov 28 13:46
        Send me your email and I will send you a copy of our very basic bylaws.
        • Bylawsrich delmotte, Tue Jan 8 21:16
          Thank you Bill, Appreciate it. the email is
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