Mike Legeros
How about a survey of our museums?
Tue Mar 5, 2019 10:23


Been meaning to do this for a couple years now. Conduct a survey of everyone's fire museums, and ask some key questions. How often are you open weekly? How many average visitors? How many rigs on display? How many in storage? etc.

Sound like something good to do? Also gang, what are some questions worth including in the survey?

    • Museum SurveyDon Croucher, Wed Mar 6 09:22
      Where does your funds come from to sustain your operations? IE % 0f: memberships Gift Shop donations payroll deductions room rentals (birthday parties, events)
    • Survey ideasJosiah Wagener, Wed Mar 6 01:17
      That sounds like a great idea Mike, but it could very easily become a very big project. Questions that occur to me include how many staff do you have? How many are volunteer vs paid part time vs full ... more
      • Re: Survey ideasMike Legeros, Wed Mar 6 07:42
        Great inputs. And, yes, yowza, such a survey really could get long. Looking forward to more inputs. mjl
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