Josiah Wagener
Survey ideas
Wed Mar 6, 2019 01:17

That sounds like a great idea Mike, but it could very easily become a very big project. Questions that occur to me include how many staff do you have? How many are volunteer vs paid part time vs full time? Do you have firefighter's who serve as guides to talk to the visitors? Do you employ professional museum management staff? Is your museum attached to a working fire station? How far are you from the downtown area of your town? How big is your town? How do you advertise your museum? Do you have exhibits or activities designed specifically for children? Do you get school classes visiting? How much of your income comes from admission fees vs donations in the building vs donations from donation drives vs gift shop sales vs other sources? Aside from apparatus what other sorts of materials do you display (i.e. firefighting tools, uniforms, photographs, badges, trumpets, etc)? Does your collection represent a single fire department, a region, an era, or a specialty? Do you also represent other emergency services such as police or ambulance services? How much of your collection is on display vs in storage? Are your exhibits designed in house or by a professional design company? Are your museum or your storage areas climate controlled? Are you open year round? Do you do restoration work in house? Is the majority of your collection owned by the museum as an incorporated entity or is it a private collection or fire department collection or property of many members of a collectors club? Do you have an event space, a meeting room, a theater, a social club, a kitchen, a liquor license? How do you advertise your museum? Do you have a Facebook page? Do you have memberships? Have staff from your museum attended the fire museum network seminar in the last 5 years? Do you receive support (either financial or manpower) from your local fire department? Is your building modern or historic? Is your building a former fire station, a custom built museum, a general use type structure, or other? Do you host any SPAAMFAA events, musters, or other fire history related outdoor events?
There are all kinds of questions that might be if interest to anyone assessing the strengths of various fire museums and trying to figure out what works well and how to grow their organizations.

  • How about a survey of our museums?Mike Legeros, Tue Mar 5 10:23
    Gang, Been meaning to do this for a couple years now. Conduct a survey of everyone's fire museums, and ask some key questions. How often are you open weekly? How many average visitors? How many rigs... more
    • Museum SurveyDon Croucher, Wed Mar 6 09:22
      Where does your funds come from to sustain your operations? IE % 0f: memberships Gift Shop donations payroll deductions room rentals (birthday parties, events)
    • Survey ideas — Josiah Wagener, Wed Mar 6 01:17
      • Re: Survey ideasMike Legeros, Wed Mar 6 07:42
        Great inputs. And, yes, yowza, such a survey really could get long. Looking forward to more inputs. mjl
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