Don Croucher
Museum Survey
Wed Mar 6, 2019 09:22

Where does your funds come from to sustain your operations?
% 0f:
Gift Shop
payroll deductions
room rentals (birthday parties, events)

  • How about a survey of our museums?Mike Legeros, Tue Mar 5 10:23
    Gang, Been meaning to do this for a couple years now. Conduct a survey of everyone's fire museums, and ask some key questions. How often are you open weekly? How many average visitors? How many rigs... more
    • Museum Survey — Don Croucher, Wed Mar 6 09:22
    • Survey ideasJosiah Wagener, Wed Mar 6 01:17
      That sounds like a great idea Mike, but it could very easily become a very big project. Questions that occur to me include how many staff do you have? How many are volunteer vs paid part time vs full ... more
      • Re: Survey ideasMike Legeros, Wed Mar 6 07:42
        Great inputs. And, yes, yowza, such a survey really could get long. Looking forward to more inputs. mjl
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