David Lewis
Re: Starting up
Tue May 14, 2019 01:42

Hi Richard -

Are you a Non-profit?
If yes, then you should look at"TechSoup" (www.techsoup.org) This is a website where non profits can register (for free) and then be eligible to purchase DEEPLY discounted software ... Such as QuickBooks (Nonprofit Edition) for $50.

I'm not a numbers guy, but YES - most museums (nonprofits) use Quickbooks, and the "Nonprofit Edition" will make accounting for donations and grants and things much easier.

You asked about website hosting?
Personally I love Pair Networks (Pair.com) - I believe they have some nonprofit discount but it's been ages since I shopped around. (You might also search the discussion groups on TechSoup for the latest suggestions).

"Past Perfect" is the classic granddaddy for museum collections software. It is relatively inexpensive (less than $1,000) and very prevalent. It however is computer (not "cloud") based, (so not mac compatible and not usable for mult. users except with additional licenses). Also it's interface to share the collection online is a bit old and clunky and requires a a separate plug-in....

With that said - there are other alternatives. In fact there are a few free "open source" options:

Collective Access

Collection Space

Adlib Museum Lite
-- Downloadable software, NOT Mac compatible

All of these will require a bit more fiddling on your end with your web server and host, but these are powerful alternatives, and free is FREE.

- David
David Lewis (Retired) Curator
Aurora Regional Fire Museum

  • Starting upAnonymous, Mon May 13 22:55
    So do most people use Quickbooks to keep up with everything, what about website hosting? Can you afford to use PastPerfect or is it a luxury that comes later?
    • Re: Starting up — David Lewis, Tue May 14 01:42
    • Starting UpAnonymous, Mon May 13 22:57
      Sorry about the anonymous log in, didnt realize that it would not show my name and info. The question is from Rich Delmotte, Nashville Fire Museum
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