Update: Sunday, 9/10 2:35pm EDT
Sun Sep 10, 2017 2:41pm

We are safe and secure. Rainy & windy in our neck of the woods. Power has flickered a few times, but still have it at present. Curfew in place for next few days 6p-8a.
Mothe also good in her neighborhood.
Irma downgraded to Cat3 as it moves up the west coast of FL. Definite 'battering' going on on the barrier islands there. :(
Still no word from LorMac. :(
Will check in again as able! Thanks for the vibes!

    • Just hear from LorMacGnu, Thu Sep 21 8:46pm
      Thanks for all the caring & good wishes, sweety. :) Check out the Forum, I checked in there first. I'm hoping to hear from Nim. I called her #, but no answer :( Please let me know if you hear... more
    • Glad everybody is safe. (nm)Stevi, Fri Sep 15 12:53pm