&.......I joined!! Will be looking for you!!
Thu Feb 22, 2018 7:07pm

(used you as my 'referral'..........

  • Ppan...I just read your earlier comment....Stevu, Thu Feb 22 12:15pm
    They did change a lot. I comment at thelitforum.com. You and Cal should come there...som much conversation about the show and the books , and Diana Gabaldon comments and answers questions there. I am ... more
    • &.......I joined!! Will be looking for you!! — PPan, Thu Feb 22 7:07pm
      • It will be nice to have an old friend there!!! How about Cal? It could be like the old Highlander days with Jamie instead of DUncan !!! Remember, I am not STevi at litfirum.com..I am Susanlynn. See... more
    • I'll check that out!!PPan, Thu Feb 22 6:58pm
      Cal is currently in Mexico, but I'll pass along the info! TNX!! Both she and I DO keep up sort of on DGs facebook page..... ;)