Gabe Bennett
Looks good! (please read)
Wed Nov 26, 2008 00:58

Reminds me of some of my early attempts. For the future, here's a little tip my animation instructors gave me:

Instead of completely redrawing her for each frame, you can redraw only parts of her and superimpose them over a "master" image to make new frames (if you have Photoshop, this is really easy to do).

For example, on her blinking eyes, you can put each progressive frame of movement in a seperate layer, all superimposed in the proper position over the master image. Then just toggle the visibility of those layers seperately to change the appearance of the master image and save each new version of the master as a seperate .gif file.

You can carry out this same process on any part of her for what you're doing; her hair, ears, facial expression, arms and shoulders, etc. etc. Just toggle the visibility of several layers at once to change multiple parts of her simultaneously.

Believe me, it saves a lot of time and effort and allows for far better image consistency between frames.
The only time you have to completely redraw her is when you have her make a major movement like turn all the way around.

Good luck with this, Opus. You're off to a great start.

  • Animation quickieopus, Tue Nov 25 20:10
    I've never animated Molly before, but I think this came out right without looking at any modelsheet. It was a quickie on the wacom. I really hope to have the time and make it longer, turn her all the ... more
    • Very cool!Bearcat, Wed Dec 31 20:57
      Wish I could do that kind of artwork.
    • Very impressive...Gregory Weagle, Mon Dec 29 14:41
      I saw another animation piece; this one featuring Kit walking in; talking and then gets MURDERED by the BASEBALL OF DEATH thus doing a really dramatic oversell face down...... more
    • Another animationOPUS, Sat Dec 27 15:27
      Katie Dodd saying no in a pretty sexy way:
      • Re: Another animationAnonymous, Tue Mar 31 11:31
        miss kate dodd will you show me your pretty face and the way you say no to baloo bear but to me say why yes Stephen darling
      • Bravo, Opus! Katie looks pretty foxy.Ann, Fri Jan 2 16:51
        This one is even better than your Molly animation, and that one was super. *applauds*
      • Very good animation!Gabe Bennett, Thu Jan 1 23:22
        But personally, I always liked Myra better! She always seemed more like the type of woman I could get along with. ;-)
      • Oh... Ms. DoddBearcat, Wed Dec 31 20:59
        VAVAVOOM! Sorry. Some big gray sloppy bear told me to say that. Another great piece of animation. WOW!
      • LOOOOOVE THIS ONE! :Djb, Mon Dec 29 07:45
        That's so wicked, Op! Thanks for sharing!
      • Love her eye movements, the hand, and how her hair and tail swish around, as well. Very charming and graceful! :) You definitely have talent with these animations, they're certainly at Disney-level... more
    • Nicely done!KCK, Sat Nov 29 23:21
      You did well, especially for a first time, and not using modelsheets! :) Fantastic. Thanks for sharing it!
    • Wow, that's neat!Ann, Wed Nov 26 05:18
      Looks like she's walking down the street, or perhaps doing a little dance while waiting for someone to get out of the bathroom? ;)
    • Looks good! (please read) — Gabe Bennett, Wed Nov 26 00:58
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