Kewl! :D (nm)
Wed Nov 26, 2008 07:19

  • Animation quickieopus, Tue Nov 25 20:10
    I've never animated Molly before, but I think this came out right without looking at any modelsheet. It was a quickie on the wacom. I really hope to have the time and make it longer, turn her all the ... more
    • Very cool!Bearcat, Wed Dec 31 20:57
      Wish I could do that kind of artwork.
    • Very impressive...Gregory Weagle, Mon Dec 29 14:41
      I saw another animation piece; this one featuring Kit walking in; talking and then gets MURDERED by the BASEBALL OF DEATH thus doing a really dramatic oversell face down...... more
    • Another animationOPUS, Sat Dec 27 15:27
      Katie Dodd saying no in a pretty sexy way:
      • Re: Another animationAnonymous, Tue Mar 31 11:31
        miss kate dodd will you show me your pretty face and the way you say no to baloo bear but to me say why yes Stephen darling
      • Bravo, Opus! Katie looks pretty foxy.Ann, Fri Jan 2 16:51
        This one is even better than your Molly animation, and that one was super. *applauds*
      • Very good animation!Gabe Bennett, Thu Jan 1 23:22
        But personally, I always liked Myra better! She always seemed more like the type of woman I could get along with. ;-)
      • Oh... Ms. DoddBearcat, Wed Dec 31 20:59
        VAVAVOOM! Sorry. Some big gray sloppy bear told me to say that. Another great piece of animation. WOW!
      • LOOOOOVE THIS ONE! :Djb, Mon Dec 29 07:45
        That's so wicked, Op! Thanks for sharing!
      • Love her eye movements, the hand, and how her hair and tail swish around, as well. Very charming and graceful! :) You definitely have talent with these animations, they're certainly at Disney-level... more
    • Nicely done!KCK, Sat Nov 29 23:21
      You did well, especially for a first time, and not using modelsheets! :) Fantastic. Thanks for sharing it!
    • Kewl! :D (nm) — jb, Wed Nov 26 07:19
    • Wow, that's neat!Ann, Wed Nov 26 05:18
      Looks like she's walking down the street, or perhaps doing a little dance while waiting for someone to get out of the bathroom? ;)
    • Looks good! (please read)Gabe Bennett, Wed Nov 26 00:58
      Reminds me of some of my early attempts. For the future, here's a little tip my animation instructors gave me: Instead of completely redrawing her for each frame, you can redraw only parts of her and ... more
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