Re: Pretty much
Sun Jan 15, 2012 14:42

hi he is 24 inches tall wearing a red leather cap with a blue peak, red scarf and a brown flying jacket with fake lambs wool trim.

he is in excellent condition, just want him to go to a good home.

  • Pretty muchsteetboris, Sun Jan 15 13:13
    In two years, I have only seen a TaleSpin Baloo plushie once on Ebay, and I've bought it :) So yes, it's kinda rare. How does yours look? I think you should definitely sell it if you don't intend to... more
    • Re: Pretty much — Anonymous, Sun Jan 15 14:42
      • Re: Pretty muchSuede, Sun Jan 15 21:33
        a leather cap? Like a flight cap?
        • Re: Pretty muchAnonymous, Mon Jan 16 04:18
          yes its like leather more like a cheap fake leather.
          • Re: Pretty muchAnonymous, Mon Jan 16 05:14
            hi this is him he is in excellent condition, but has 2 small marks on his jacket just about the wings. i can ship world wide
            • balooeric, Sat Jan 18 21:40
              I want to buy him ill give you $60 for him
            • very niceSuede, Mon Jan 16 21:32
              He is definately a cutey. Pity, i dont think id be able to swing the price of him right now.
              • Re: very niceAnonymous, Thu Jan 19 12:07
                hi just listed baloo on ebay he can be shipped world wide.
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