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*BREAKING* TaleSpin VOLUME 3 gets a release in the USA!!!!
Mon Jun 3, 2013 09:49

Finally!!! After YEARS of waiting, we'll FINALLY be able to get the 11 remaining episodes on DVD!!!

And this makes TaleSpin the first Disney Afternoon series to get all the episodes completed!

The bad news? This will be a very limited won't be available in stores, only by registering to the "Disney Movie Club"... which is only available to US citizens.
And this pretty much ruins the hope of releasing a "complete DVD set".

But hey, I'm sure some will popup on Ebay or Amazon someday!

There's no cover art yet, or even the content of this disc, but I'll be sure to post it whenever it's available.

    • Frustrating...Disco, Mon Jul 8 01:22
      I sent two emails to the listed contact about how to get a copy and/or join the Disney movie club. No response.
      • Joiningsteetboris, Wed Jul 10 02:11
        Check this :
        • Thanks!Disco, Thu Jul 11 22:11
          Volume three isn't showing up yet, but once it does this looks like a good option.
          • Possible without joiningsteetboris, Tue Jul 16 10:44
            There's now another possibility to get it without joining the Disney Movie Club : Only for US citizens, ... more
            • Sweet!Disco, Thu Jul 18 15:14
              Done and done! Thanks so much for the link! 25USD including shipping, but worth it to complete the series.
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