Mon Jul 8, 2013 01:22

I sent two emails to the listed contact about how to get a copy and/or join the Disney movie club. No response.

  • Finally!!! After YEARS of waiting, we'll FINALLY be able to get the 11 remaining episodes on DVD!!!... more
    • Frustrating... — Disco, Mon Jul 8 01:22
      • Joiningsteetboris, Wed Jul 10 02:11
        Check this : http://openvaultdisney.com/2013/06/25/tips-on-joining-the-disney-movie-club/
        • Thanks!Disco, Thu Jul 11 22:11
          Volume three isn't showing up yet, but once it does this looks like a good option.
          • Possible without joiningsteetboris, Tue Jul 16 10:44
            There's now another possibility to get it without joining the Disney Movie Club : http://openvaultdisney.com/2013/07/14/want-to-buy-dmc-dvds-without-joining-the-dmc-now-you-can/ Only for US citizens, ... more
            • Sweet!Disco, Thu Jul 18 15:14
              Done and done! Thanks so much for the link! 25USD including shipping, but worth it to complete the series.
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