*BREAKING* TaleSpin Adventures : Alpha release!
Wed Jan 1, 2014 12:25

Piquel has released today the alpha version of the fan game which was in development for two years!

Here's the info :

After two years of work, it's finally here!!! So, who wants to play the game?!

I guess the thing you're looking for now is : where's the download link?

Well, first, let me tell you what i mean by "alpha version" :

- The game CAN be completed, from beginning to the end credits.
- BUT it's still very rough, with lots of bugs, placeholders, missing interactions...

So, i've decided not to make this a "public" release. But, anyone can ask to be an "alpha tester". :)

Here are the requirements :

- You'll need Windows (XP, Vista, 7 or 8), and a good computer : for now performance is poor, it won't run full speed on a low-end netbook. It needs at least a 2Ghz CPU and 2 GB of memory.

- You'll have to promise to send me feedbacks about what you like and what feels wrong.

- You'll have to send me an email at : just tell me that you wanna be an alpha tester, and how you've learned about this project!
I will then reply to your email with a download link to try and test it. (around ~170 MB)

- Whenever you want, you can send me your comments so we can improve the game!

So, who's interested?

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