Thu Aug 28, 2014 16:02

Hey Schro,

That's great news indeed! IIRC Disney released the TS Volume 3 DVD a while back... I've got a copy here that says it's from the Disney Movie Club. IIRC I joined it just to get the Volume 3 DVD, because I figured it wouldn't be released elsewhere. I guess I was wrong! :D It's a single 2-disc DVD case, and as I recall there weren't any extra features, but it does have the 11 previously unreleased episodes at least.


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  • Great news about TaleSpin on DVD!Schroeder, Wed Aug 27 22:56
    Just got an e-mail from the TVShowsOnDVD website stating that TaleSpin *will* have a Volume 3 DVD release in January 2015! Maybe it might be similarly packaged and devoid of special features like the ... more
    • Hey Schroeder!Disco (the shadycat), Sat Sep 6 17:52
      As others said, you can grab volume three on ebay right now for a very reasonable price.... more
    • Cool! — DaveJ, Thu Aug 28 16:02
      • Oh, you mean...Schroeder, Thu Aug 28 17:03
        ...from the D23 fan club?! Glad to see you've gotten an early copy. I'm happy to see Disney releasing it to the general public next year; I'm looking forward to it! :)
        • Actually...DaveJ, Thu Aug 28 18:41
          ...I meant the Disney Movie Club . Now that I'm thinking about it, I remember hearing about them releasing it, but the requirements to join made it expensive, so I eventually grabbed a copy from Ebay ... more
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