Gabe Bennett
R.I.P. Tom Vollmar, aka "Tom Cloudkicker"
Tue Oct 7, 2014 14:17

I have just been informed by an old Spinner friend that Tom Vollmar, aka "Tom Cloudkicker" passed away yesterday morning. I knew him from High Flight way back, but I hadn't talked to him in a long time.

From what I was told, he had pancreatitis and had been on a respirator for a while. He had also apparently been in three different hospitals since Aug. 2nd. This morning, his heart just gave-out. CPR was attempted no less than 5 times, but to no avail.

I'll let you know if I find out any further information. In the meantime, please pray for his family and friends in their time of need. :(

    • Passing of Tom...Bearcat, Sun Nov 16 09:12
      I just learned of Tom's passing from Chris G., and I was just stunned. It's always sad to find out that someone's passed away, and even more so, when it's someone in our TaleSpin family. RIP, Tom...... more
    • My condolences go to his family...:(Wilson Goldwing, Thu Oct 9 22:20
      I remember Tom being very active here...never had the chance to talk to him, but nonetheless, it's saddening news. May he Rest in Peace and I'll definitely pray for his friends and family. Clear Skies
      • So pity!PashkaGeraskin, Sat Oct 11 02:18
        My condolences. Tom was a great friend.
    • Awful news, sorry to hear that. I recall from years back that he seemed like a passionate fan and was fairly active in the TS online community. I'll be thinking of his family.
    • RIP, Tom. :(DaveJ, Tue Oct 7 16:38
      So sorry to hear about Tom's passing... I hadn't talked to him in quite a while but he was an awesome guy. :( Dave Random Track of the Moment: Opeth - For Absent Friends
    • I'm sorry to hear that. Ann, Tue Oct 7 16:21
      And I'll definitely keep his family and friends in prayer.
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