Re: New Talespin Fanfic
Sun Nov 16, 2014 09:35

Cool Wilson!

I've give it a read! Awesome!!

  • New Talespin FanficWilson Goldwing, Fri Aug 29 18:24
    Encouraged by my wife, I decided to give it a try and write. The first chapter of "A Case of Misdirection" is up at:
    • Re: New Talespin Fanfic — Bearcat, Sun Nov 16 09:35
    • Neat!Disco (the shadycat), Sat Sep 6 17:56
      Bookmarked and will read it soon. By the bye, if anyone who sees this ever saved or knows where the High Flight stories that used to be at can be found, ... more
    • Final Chapter posted (nm)Wilson Goldwing, Fri Sep 5 14:34
      • (spoiler alert) That's not fair...Ann, Sat Sep 6 06:35
        to leave it on a cliffhanger. I hope you have another story for us, because I want to know what the blueprints are for. By the way, I loved all the action in your last chapter. I know how hard it is... more
        • Glad you liked it!Wilson Goldwing, Sat Sep 6 07:55
          *grins* and yes, wife said the same about the cliffhanger, but don't worry! The next fic is already underway! Clear Skies!
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