It lives...........
Thu Dec 4, 2014 07:44

Hello TSpinners.

fredb here, back in the day (of Ted and K&K, Scarlet and B&B),
I got a copy of Disney's "TaleSpin Licensing Guide", which I was scanning the pages from, Things happened, I never finished, then geocities dispersed...............

I have just found that it still exists and iI have gotten control of it again, and have brought it BACK from the grave of, the TaleSpin Licensing Guide web Site the URL now is

Now that I have control again, and I hope time, I will be starting scanning pages again.


    • Re: It lives...........Ted, Thu Jan 22 16:26
      Is there anything more early-90's than that striped jacket on Shere Khan's page? I for one would like to see the rest if you ever get to scanning it. Thanks for sharing. :)
    • Very cool! (nm)Disco, Wed Dec 17 01:00
    • This is Awesome!KCK, Sat Dec 6 20:59
      I sure will enjoy look at this, fredb. Thanks :)
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