Here's another one.
Wed Dec 17, 2014 01:03

  • TaleSpin T-shirtsAnonymous, Sun Nov 9 18:45
    I noticed that these were available from ThinkGeek: http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/20bd/ Great to see that something new available. It seems that they have other DA shows available too.
    • Here's another one. — Disco, Wed Dec 17 01:03
    • Re: TaleSpin T-shirtsBearcat, Sun Nov 16 09:28
      Cool! But, it only seems to be the show's logo (so far in just one glance). But, heck even that's better than nothing. Funny... it reminds me of my last visit to Disneyland, when the show was still... more
      • Don Karnage shirtSara Goodwin, Thu Dec 18 10:31
        My friend used to have a Don Karnage shirt back in the day. It died from sheer use and he still laments its loss!
        • A shame!steetboris, Sun Dec 21 11:59
          Was it official? I would have loved to see it... :)
          • Re: A shame!Sara Goodwin, Mon Dec 22 11:28
            I'm pretty sure it was something he won from a cereal box or something. Sort of official.
    • Re: TaleSpin T-shirtssteetboris, Thu Nov 13 11:21
      Yup, that's cool! What'd be even better is tee shirts with something different than the logo. To be honest I can't remember seeing any TaleSpin tee shirt with a different drawing!
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