Re: Article featuring TaleSpin
Thu Jan 22, 2015 16:33

What a thoughtful article. TS gave me a big interest in aviation, which I did nothing worthwhile with, but situations will go by this day and I may think about a random TaleSpin character and what they would say, or how they would react.

I had that metal Voltron! A big plastic one, too, where you could put the action figures inside the cockpits. I think I was in kindergarten at the time and I don't remember anything about that show except that I watched it religiously after school. I'm not sure I ever knew what was going on besides waiting for the giant robots and monsters to come on screen. The Real Ghostbusters was my 80's absolute 80's favorite, what with proton packs, awesome spectral menaces, and who didn't like Peter Venkman. TaleSpin eventually trumped all. :)

And, those are the most awesome pencils I've ever seen.

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    • Re: Article featuring TaleSpin — Ted, Thu Jan 22 16:33
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