Re: Another animation
Tue Mar 31, 2015 11:31

miss kate dodd will you show me your pretty face and the way
you say no to baloo bear but to me say why yes Stephen darling

  • Another animationOPUS, Sat Dec 27 15:27
    Katie Dodd saying no in a pretty sexy way:
    • Re: Another animation — Anonymous, Tue Mar 31 11:31
    • Very good animation!Gabe Bennett, Thu Jan 1 23:22
      But personally, I always liked Myra better! She always seemed more like the type of woman I could get along with. ;-)
    • Oh... Ms. DoddBearcat, Wed Dec 31 20:59
      VAVAVOOM! Sorry. Some big gray sloppy bear told me to say that. Another great piece of animation. WOW!
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