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Gabe Bennett
Re: Remaster of DA games (inc. TaleSpin) coming in April
Tue Mar 21, 2017 20:06

Hi, Svenshinhan! And welcome back! Glad to see I'm not the only one who still pops in here.

I heard that they were going to do this and I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing the improvements over the originals. I actually have a mint-condition copy of the TaleSpin NES game.

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    • Cool! Disco (the shadycat), Tue Apr 18 23:20
      And very cool to see some handles I haven't seen in years. I first posted on this board nearly twenty years ago. Doesn't seem possible.
    • This is awesome.jlkoolkat, Thu Mar 23 20:14
      It's great how all the Disney Afternoon shows have been getting more and more attention for a while now. Hope it continues. I still can't believe this board is still up and running. This is my first... more
    • Re: Remaster of DA games (inc. TaleSpin) coming in April — Gabe Bennett, Tue Mar 21 20:06
      • You're not the only one...KCK, Wed Mar 22 21:52
        I still click on here in my bookmarks at times, just to take a quick pop-in to check up. Though I know it's not used much now, I always enjoyed it here, still sorry to see the off-topic board taken... more
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