Re: Cool!
Thu Jun 15, 2017 23:11

Pleasantly surprised to see memorable names (Disco, jlkoolkat, KCK, and Gabe). I wonder who else might be lurking out there from time to time? May I say that I hope you all are doing well and happy.

When this board was active, I think my favorite cereal was Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Now it's more like Metamucil.

So Maybe we're getting a little old, but it's worth checking in now and then, if nothing more to say cheers to a marvelous series and all the good fun shared by this board's community for many years. Even if knowing someone only by an Internet handle, I held many people here in fond regard.

I hope we can do it for another 20 years. :)

  • Cool! Disco (the shadycat), Tue Apr 18 23:20
    And very cool to see some handles I haven't seen in years. I first posted on this board nearly twenty years ago. Doesn't seem possible.
    • Re: Cool! — Ted, Thu Jun 15 23:11
      • Hey Ted!Disco(the shadycat), Fri Jun 16 04:52
        I check in from time to time. Not that often, so it's kind of amazing to see your reply a day after you posted. I'm not quite ready for Metamucil, but I did turn forty a few months back, and that'll... more
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